[CM] Vanillyne

  • Greetings Soulkeepers,

    I am here to help you purify the menacing evil from Friggard! From today on, I'll be a point of contact for the community.

    My journey with Echo of Soul first started with Classic in 2015. I took a long break, however, so forgive me should I not remember everything from the get go. :*

    A few words about me:
    • I am shy and awkward

    • I probably spent most of my time playing video games (in all honesty I don’t want to know how many hours of my life I invested) and watching TV series of certain providers

    • I used to play games only for costumes, cute pets and mounts. End game never triggered me as much as the fab.. Ehem.. I'm sorry. I bettered myself though!

    • I love watching splatter/horror movies or anything the like before I go to sleep.

    • I don’t have any favorite type of food or music. Eating and listening to (almost) everything. I do have a thing for cake and chocolate though.

    Hopefully we’re getting along just fine! If you have any questions feel free to ask, I don’t bite (hard). :saint:

    You can find me in-game as:
    Aesir: Vanillyne

    Edun: CMVanillyne

    Levina: EOSVanillyne

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