Server maintenance on 26.02.2020 finished!

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    Dear community,

    A server maintenance will take place on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 from 10 AM CEST. Maintenance takes about 3 hours, but can be extended if there are technical problems.

    The Servers will be unavailable for the duration of the server maintenance! Use this time to rummage in our forum, our Facebook page or in our Discord server!

    You will also find more information there after the end of maintenance.

    We thank you for your understanding!

    Best regards,

    The EOS team

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    You have been waiting for it for a long time! Here it is finally: the increase of the maximum level to 92 is on our servers!

    Of course, with it also come new daily activities, new quests, new healing items, materials, etc.

    But that's not all! Also new equipment of different rarities are available with new set effects and even a set effect reserved for jewelry now!

    You will also be able to take full advantage of the adaptation of the experience buff according to the different levels of the characters and the modification of the number of legendary equipment fragments necessary to produce such equipment!

    Can you overcome the new dungeons? A very special dungeon awaits you during this update! Quickly take a look!

    And to gain power, take advantage of the improvement event for gems and soul stones at Ignea!

    Check out all the details for today's update below!

    Here is a small overview of today's patch:

    Version: Live.57

    New in the game:

    • The New Year's Event ends.
    • Level cap increase to lvl92:
      • New daily activites adapted to the new levels added.
      • New quests adapted to the new levels added.
      • New objets to craft with the profession added.
      • New level of profession added.
      • New healing objets added to the General Merchant.
    • New Equipments added:
      • Rare - Level 163 and 169
      • Epic - Level 169 and 175 with new set effect, included a new set effect for the jewelries.
      • Legendary - Level 190 with new set effect, included a new set effect for the jewelries.
    • New Vortex, Burning Plain, added for players level 90+:

      • New Locked Dimensional Treasure Chest added.
    • New solo dungeons added:
      • [Normal] Hidden Challenge Tower Floor 1 to 20 (Attack Power 538k+) >>> See the FAQ <<<
      • [Normal] Bastion Cork II (Attack Power 538k+)
      • [Normal] Drakus' Laboratory 2 (Attack Power 585k+)
    • New party dungeons added:
      • [Normal] Woods of Chaos (Attack Power 538k+)
      • [Normal] Destroyed Cardilla (Attack Power 585k+)
    • New raid dungeons added:
      • [Normal] Ironfire Mountain Zone 1 (Attack Power 585k+)
      • [Normal] Ironfire Mountain Zone 2 (Attack Power 633k+)
    • The Improvement event for normal jewels and Atisan jewels but also for the Soul Stones has started.
      • More chances when converting a normal jewel into an atisan one.
      • Chance of improving the jewels increased by 20%.
      • Loss of levels during the improvement lowered.
      • Chance of improving the Soul Stones increased by 20%.
      • This event is only available at the central place of Ignea next to the Zima NPC while being in the buff zone!
      • This event will end the 25th of March 2020.

    Modification in the game:

    • The growth boost has been modified to be adapted to the new levels:
      • Level 70 to 79 : EXP x36
      • Level 80 to 84 : EXP x12
      • Level 85 to 89 : EXP x3
    • Legendary Fragments needed revised:
      • Level 130 : 100 fragments needed
      • Level 145 : 100 fragments needed
      • Level 160 : 200 fragments needed
      • Level 175 : 800 fragments needed
      • Level 190 : 1000 fragments needed

    Correction in the game:

    • Some texts have been corrected.

    We thank you for your patience.

    Have fun!


    The EOS Team