Server maintenance on 05.02.2020 finished!

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    Dear community,

    A server maintenance will take place on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 from 10 AM CEST. Maintenance takes about 3 hours, but can be extended if there are technical problems.

    The Servers will be unavailable for the duration of the server maintenance! Use this time to rummage in our forum, our Facebook page or in our Discord server!

    You will also find more information there after the end of maintenance.

    We will perform a fix for the problems related to account storage during this maintenance.

    We thank you for your understanding!

    Best regards,

    The EOS team

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    Good news for everyone! The access to account storages was restored during today's maintenance!

    The developers managed to detect where the problem came from!

    The concern was caused by an error in the database, which no longer saved all of the data for items stored in the correct database when the account storage was full of items. The items were therefore still present but not visible in the game.

    We have therefore deleted all the items contained in the account storages concerned by the problem since they have been saved in another database.

    But do not worry about your items, the developers have given us the list of items contained in each of the account storages concerned.

    All those who have not yet had their lost items returned, will receive them by mail ingame on the last character connected to the account.

    All players who had contacted support to report the loss of their items and who have already been partially returned will only receive items that had not yet been returned.

    If you have any concerns, we remain at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us through support:

    Here is a small preview of Today's Patch:

    Version: Live.56

    Changes in the game:

    • The access to account storages has been restored. All items missing from the affected account storages will be sent to the in-game mailbox of the last character connected to the affected account.

    We thank you for your patience.

    Have Fun!


    Your EOS Team

  • Dear Community,

    Unfortunately we found out after putting the patch online that it does not correct the problem as expected.

    We immediately passed it on to the developers.

    You can report any errors you may encounter regarding account storage, this may help developers find a fix faster.

    If you ever find that your account storage has the bug, do not use it at the risk of losing the items you will store there.

    If necessary, we will carry out an exceptional maintenance but we will keep you informed.

    Best regards,

    The EOS Team