Equipment - Soul Stream

  • What is a Soul Stream?

    A soul stream is a new item that is available for characters level 85+. This new item is to be equiped in the new tab available in the Character Info:



    Soul Stream are used as a vessel for the Soul Stones, they exist in two ranks: Good and Rare. Each rank contains different Soul Stream with different effects and can contain different Soul Stones.


    Once you have optained a Soul Stream you may used it by right clicking on it twice. This will open the Character Info window then link it to your character.
    Attention, once you have equipped a Soul Stream you can not remove it. The only way to change the current Soul Stream is to equip a new one and thus lose the old one. The equipped Soul Stones will be returned into the inventory.
    The Soul Stones can be removed freely by right clicking on them from the Soul Stream window.


    Once the Soul Stream equipped you can inlay some Soul Stones. Remember that they have to match the color of the Soul Stream's slots.
    Each Soul Stone has a different effect from a color to another. Make sure you read the description in order to understand their effects.

    Where to obtain the Soul Stream and Soul Stone?

    Both Soul Stream and Soul Stone are available as a drop from the level 85 map Nerodin Ruins. You have a chance to drop any of them by killing the mobs in the map but also by killing the Boss located in the middle of the map.

    How to obtain the Soul Stream's protection effect?

    Each Soul Stream has a different protection from one to another and has 3 different levels. Each level is activated when the sum of the Soul Stones' levels inside the Soul Stream reach a multiple of 7 (7/14/21).


    How to increase the level of the Soul Stones?

    Each Soul Stones can be enhanced up to level 7. You can right click a Soul Stone in order to open the Enhancing Soul Stones window:


    1/ The Soul Stone you are going to enhance
    2/ The location for the Yggdrasil Essences faq_soulstream7.png . The amount of Essences needed depends on the Soul Stone's level. You can obtain them by using the Item Extraction skill on any Soul Stone.
    3/ The location for the Soul Stabilization Catalyst faq_soulstream8.png. The amount of Catalyst needed depends on the Soul Stones' level.
    4/ The location for the Soulstone Safeguard faq_soulstream9.png. The amount of Safeguard needed depends on the Soul Stones' level. Attention, the safeguard prevents only the destruction of the Soul Stone, the level can decrease.
    5/ The stats of the Soul Stone before and after a successful enhancement.

    Attention, failing an enhancement will break the Soul Stone if you do not use a Soulstone Safeguard!
    When the Soul Stone breaks you will receive a Soul Dust faq_soulstream10.png (the amount increases depending on the level of the Soul Stone) which contains 1 Yggdrasil Essence.