• Looks like u dont know the meaning of the hypocrite word, i told u to be respectful [...], so what if they are using it? everyone is using it just cuz we are release we dont have the right to use it? ash ur mouth.

    i would be an hypocrite if i was complaining about legy bug while i use it but i have no 175 fool

    You waste your time with people like that, here i talk only about the game stuff about Legys event mainly... and them come here just for attack and trashtalk players with stupid accusations... i dont know why they have the hatred in them... :rolleyes:

    i will like the staff stop make the Legy ordinary with these events... in 2 days i have 7/8 Legy 175 ... i will have nothing to do on the game now, bored... thx legys events... no PepeZerk what you said its completly false... because this event help me a lot im 7/8 legy in 2days.. but getting my legys easily like that no thank im against... and my reaction was same in Classic when they have put Legy part in Doomspire 35 - 40 - 45.. i was against because it make the gear of RAID and the RAID Darkcitadel usuless..

  • Hello, (sorry for my bad English) Thanks to the previous event I managed to get 2 legendary parts but they were not of my class, I sold them only to buy 1 important part.

    That helps me improve the AP but I'm not 7/8 legendary.

    I think the problem really is those who abuse this (those who have the money).

    since I with this AP can progress faster to go to Raid and get the other parts. I am a freetoplay player

  • Lets talk about the event giving leggy: There are many people out there who can't do raids / who are not part of these guilds who "clear" the raids to get leggies, now even if they are part of the guild, I BELIEVE there is already a premade team which clears the raid and not all gets to be a part of it :/:/. So event like these, helps people like them to get leggies and also a good amount of gold. It is helpful for those non-cashers, to get good stuff in the game ( I know dryad exists, but its good to have another way of earning gold :shrug: )
    Now point 2 : Talking about passion to clear raids : If you are really passionate about the game , you don't need to look if other are getting leggies or not, if you like doing a raid, go for it, else don't :) . ( I lowkey think guilds are triggered that everyone is getting leggy unlike before, and they can't feel special or "OP" coz they have leggy gears :D:D )
    3 . I like how people who actually abuses the bug is complaining about it :D:D. Now I can say this because I never used that bug and never will 8) ( I know how this bug works, now don't say I don't know how it works) .

  • Well basically as some players mentioned it above already I think such events that include randomized legendary item are beneficial for all groups of players - from casuals to hardcore players and even tiered spenders.

    What do I mean by that ? Simple enough casuals won't really care about forcing 8/8 legendary set as soon as possible they will rather try to improve in different parts of the game such as 1 important legendary piece they are looking for or gems & their upgrade.

    Hardcore players will try to benefit the most out of such events - in terms of number of the legendary items & gold alone. Which isn't wrong in my opinion since the more legendary items are on the marketplace the more stable prices gonna be.

    And for the last group which are tiered spenders - I think I don't have to explain that much over here :) They will funnel the gold onto the marketplace helping both casuals & hardcore players.

    IMO - in the end such events are helpful to all kind of players and are beneficial for the marketplace economy (in terms of price stabilizations) and gold flow through the game.

    And about legy bug. I don't really think we should discuss it in this thread since as all players know every bug should be 'fixed'.

  • well first sorry for my english i'm still learning, i agree with everything frisk said i just don't think it's fair that players who abuse exploits are not penalized in any way, at least ban them for 15 - 30 days, at least it would be something, I see people using macro to farm cores for the boss collection everywhere and now the legendary bug 175

    I see players with 530k-620k against 700k + 1x1 they dont have chance to win ,its super unfair, is this how the game is balanced?

    I really like to play eos but with these bugs 0 bank 0 penalties, it becomes a mess

    sorry my english very bad

  • A bit late to complain about the legy bug now, but good to discuss this a bit. Concerning the availability of legendary gear I think that is depending on your viewpoint. Where I come from you only and I mean only get the best gear from raids because that is the point of raids. With the new system where you get 4/8 legys pretty easily by farming that in itself could be too much already. This game has already made it easy for weaker players to accuire legys. I think the legys that you can get from the vortex chests (available from the shop as well) and the doomspire event are only additional and add to the easy accuisistion of endgame gear. For you to go head over heels about another event that provides a single legendary random piece is a petty action. Especially because the majority of the advanced players already are close or entirely finished with their gear. Additionally you have to admit that a lot of time has passed since the last major patch already. You should think about the bigger picture and think about the new players and players that still have a long way to go.

    Regarding the "staff" I think they are not overly to blame I mean this is not your average premium publisher like blizzard that earns billions. Rather it is a company that is doing so - so. If I go to Mcdo I expect mundance food and not caviar with wine. I reason the company haggled with the Korean publisher to accuire a modest license at best and has to fight with language barries everyday to boot.

    My concern is that the game is updated only twice a year meanwhile Korea updates faster than my grahic card software.

    The legy bug has to stay and everyone should use it then no one can complain. They will and can not ban the people anymore so sitting on the fence with the moral high ground while beeing upset about the usage of a well known bug is unwise. If you can't accept it, change it. If you can't change it, leave it.

    it is rather pointless to badmouth the legy event that is perfectly acceptable in my opinion. I assume that was just the straw that broke the camels back in this case, the one thing that urged you to finally write down all the things that frustrated you. I hope that you feel relieved now that you voiced your complaints.
    (not proofread)

  • IDK what your talking about but at least the achievement event was in-game so people were at least motivated to play it, don't get me wrong forum games are good but an event with really op items in a forum game might be a bit of a stretch

  • Don't fix bugs.

    Weak ppl returns again ...

    I don't want to see it again like that.

    I think that weak ppl better use it.

    Not a big problem.

    However, game balance other than BF has collapsed.

    Anyone can become stronger when it turns orange.

    Good luck everyone and welcome BF.:*

  • IDK what your talking about but at least the achievement event was in-game so people were at least motivated to play it, don't get me wrong forum games are good but an event with really op items in a forum game might be a bit of a stretch

    Let's not forget about the people that don't have an acc in the forum and the ones that didn't even know about the forum events.