Offer - Premium Plus

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    The weekend is startet and what could herald it better than a mighty fine Premium Plus offer with its extraordinary bonuses?

    Premium Plus - 90 and 30 Days in our Webshop will grant you the following effects:

    1. Experience and gold lost in the dimension field is reduced by 50%.
    2. Maximum amount of purified souls increased by 2000.
    3. Chance to enhance gems increased by 5%..
    4. Chaos Souls obtained when defeating monsters increased by 1 ~ 3.
    5. Daily login gives additional items.
    6. Depending on the amount of players using Premium Plus in a guild will it increase the overall experience and gold drop of the character, as well as the guild members.

    This offer is limited, only one premium plus per account possible!

    This offer ends December 8, 2019, at 11:59 PM CEST!

    Do not miss this opportunity!

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