December Tiered Spender

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    You’re all great Soulkeepers and we all know, being one isn’t easy at all!

    Take some time to rest from the battles and use the December Tiered Spender to get some useful items for your adventures!

    Remember, too, that gifts sent to other players through the in-game store will also count for the Tiered Spender!

    The following highlights await you:

    • Traditional Japanese Outfit Box
    • White Regal Goat
    • Premium Pack - 30 Days
    • and many more!

    Take a closer look at the tiered spender >>>here<<<!

    !!This Tiered Spender has no limitations!!

    The Tiered Spender ends December 31, 2019, at 11:59 PM CEST.

    It's possible to claim the rewards 24 hours after the End of the Tiered Spender.

    Do not miss this opportunity!

    Need more AP? >>>Here<<< you can get more!