Server maintenance on 20.11.2019 finished!

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    Dear community,

    A server maintenance will take place on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 from 10 AM CEST. Maintenance takes about 3 hours, but can be extended if there are technical problems.

    The Servers will be unavailable for the duration of the server maintenance! Use this time to rummage in our forum, our Facebook page or in our Discord server!

    You will also find more information there after the end of maintenance.

    We thank you for your understanding!

    Best regards,

    The EOS team

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    This week, Vortex's fans won't be disappointed because the Vortex Event is back!

    On top of that, the developers have worked on a few issues that we have reported after last week's update!

    But that is not all! The basic storage space has been increased for each character. You now have 18 slots available instead of 12 in your storage!

    Find out below all the details about today's update!

    Here is a little preview of today's patch:

    Version: Live.50

    New in the game:

    • The dimensional chests event in the vortex is back. The number of chests you will receive while performing the quest in the vortex has been doubled! This event will end on November 27, 2019.
    • Players who have not logged into the game for more than 30 days will receive a small reward by logging in now. Be careful, this is event will only be available until November 27, 2019.

    Changes in the game:

    • The souls of chaos and crafting materials can now be stacked up to 999.
    • The basic storage space in each character's storage has been increased from 12 to 18 slots.

    Corrections in the game:

    • Some text corrections were made.

    We thank you for your patience.

    Have fun!


    The EOS team