• Valhalla is suppose to be the main pvp event of the day and yet the rewards for it is so bad that there is never anyone doing it apart from the top guild of each of the servers.please do an overhaul of the rewards for the essence of courage we farm in Valhalla along with add some worthwhile items to the tree that will actually make players want to be online and in val like add the chance to get legendary gear fragments or scrolls for professions and just something better than what is currently given in Valhalla.its your main pvp event then let it be shown by the great rewards it can give. AERIAGAMES PLEASE STOP KILLING EOS BECAUSE YOUR TO GREEDY TO ADD REAL REWARDS TO VALHALLA AND EVENT IN THE GAME:thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

  • So you want to let the Tree in Val Dropping Legendary Gears? Worst Idea ever...

    OP Guilds already abusing Dryad for getting Botans Hammer, now you want to let them abuse Valhalla?

    Gold, EoC, Enhancement Stones, Primal essences... That what you all get from 1 Hour Valhalla, i don't know what you want to insert.

    And like you Said, it's a Pvp Area and it's UNBALANCED, so that's why many Players Fear Valhalla. Not every Guild will Farm in Peace.

    They should atleast put in a Peaceful/hostile Option for Guilds, who just want to farm in Peace and you can't Change it, after you Joined Valhalla.


    Aeria Games is just the Publisher, don't blame them. Their Hands are tied, they just Supporting and Reporting, nothing more.

  • Most of people dont care to fight in Valhalla because its totaly usuless in reward, kill people is maybe funny for someone but it give nothing except pts of guild in Leaderboard, but the bigest problem is the Boss.. he is usuless, people prefer stay on a spot for spam Essence than go kill the Boss because its more long and it give nothing to good x)

    delete the idiotTree and Make a good reward on Boss like 3 000 golds + 300 courage Essence and 100 Stones for All Guild members who have killed the Boss and you will have fun, Guilds will fight for the Boss and the reward ! We will have a Real Pvp Mode..

  • Yes, I don't know who you are, but when you call it funny, to play against buggy Gear Player, then go for it... . You need to play Fair, stop destroying Games to make it fun for your Own, there exist no Fun to a Game, that is full of Bugs and Mistakes. And before u complaining, I actually don't play the Game (anymore) , just reading selfish Comments like yours. (Should be one of the last I read)

    And this Game dies anyway soon, cause your salty Sort of players making it Hard to enjoy a Game like this. Enjoy this Game for now. 😄