Levina server is DEAD, becouse of bugged item's

  • Hello soulkeeper's,

    After a long journey in this game, it finally come to an end for me and for most of my guild mate's. Like you know, these event's was fun and full of usefull item's, like those buff's that dont dissapear when used or the final reward in "The Trial of God" mission. The issue with the buff's, is that they cant be achieved by a new player, from anywhere, if he missed oktoberfest event, maybe next year. But, from what i see, some of our Levina player's did "The Trial of God" mission on multiple's character's on same account, in hope to maybe gear up the main or any other of they'r character's, i presume they're not alone, no complain here, every one of player's can play as much as they free time permit, but my real concern here is that here(on Levina) is a big guild, and they shared item's between them, nothing wrong here too, but compared to a smaller or innactive guild.... OK, let's get to the main point.

    This server (i'm talking here about Levina) is ruined and doomed by the AngelWings Guild, a guild full of bug**'s and cheater's that dont get punished, they was reported by using BOT's or macro's farming in warp, but the most important thing, they was reported to GM's by having bugged ICHOR 175lv Legendary item's with full stat's, by that i mean MAX stat's in 4-11 appraisal's and there was no measure taken.

    I have attached some print's ingame, but didnt catched the big one's.... the one's with 5-6 item's on them, and over 700k AP...

    I hope they will enjoy playing here, they already enjoy solo Valhalla farm's... since few week's already.

    If this item bug is not bannable, tell us too, i really wanna see a server full of 175 MAX stat's item's and rebalance the game..... Or wait, i wont enjoy something like that, hmmm....

    Perhap's they are protected by Donator Shield, hmmm, and the one that make's wave's on this calm, silent ignorance is me.... Does EOS turned in a P2W game???

    I wait you comment's and tought's down below in the comment section.

    Thank you for your patience by reading my complain, and hug you all.

    VICONTE! ;)

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  • The only Reason why this Game is still Alive, is cause it's bring So much $$$$.

    They don't care, if those Bugs and Cheaters destroying the Game. If they Cash, they're Innocent.

    This Game had so much potential, now it's just a Money Maker.

  • Hello,

    We fully understand your anger and have already passed on this concern to the game developers who are working on it in order to solve it. The devs are already looking into possible solution.

    Unfortunately we are forced to wait for their response and resolution of the problem for the moment.

    Best regards

  • The bug has been known for ages and it is being used actively in North America, Korea and EU. It is difficult to punish since even Korea accepted it and made it so that everyone uses the bug so no one can complain since everyone has the same gear which makes the most important part of the game the gems and acquiring the legendary gear. It is almost impossible to revert since one can not be 100% sure if it is luck or really the bug (4x max stat excluded, maybe), furthermore some people even sold bugged gear and the people who bought the gear for a lot of gold are not guilty of abusing the bug. If you remove the bug now people that started the game later will be screwed big time. At this point in time it is utterly useless to fix the bug and it is advised to go down the same path as Korea which means that Aeria games publicly accepts the bug, publicly reveals the method of how to use the bug and stops to fix something that is already out of control.

  • Hello,

    Based on our information, Korea has never accepted the bug in any ways. Currently all of the teams (Steam, Korea and Gamigo) are working together in order to fix this bug.

    As soon as a solution is provided it will be patched on the servers.



  • And, finally, after few day's of searching, i catched one of the big fishes in my target....

    Really? 1 Appraisal on 2 d**n item's and max stat's.....Really? That's luck? ......

    Nothing to say here.

    Btw, ty to GM's Amaliena and Kedehern, for they'r promptness and answer's. Maybe in one or two year's i will come back and play it for a while again, if server's wont be close till then, i'm curious how many active player's were on all 3 server's before the mission, and how many are now... My guild was a preety active one, 30+ member's on, fighting for theyr pride and keeping a balance. Now? I can count them on the finger's fromboth hand's....

    Cyu's soulkeeper's, this thread can be closed if no usefull answer's can be given anymore.