Event - When Halloween meets Birthday (In progress)

  • During the event period, you can obtain Relics of Pregard in your mailbox for 1 hours and 2 hours of staying online.

    How to participate?

    The first time you will log into the game, you will receive automatically a new quest, once accepted you will have to find the 3 different NPC in Ignea!

    Once you have find them, you will have to head towards the NPC Terry located next to the central mailbox in Ignea!


    Talk to him in order to receive 5 Rainbow Balloons and gain access to new quests!

    What are the new quests?

    [Daily] Item that is must for the Party!: You will receive 5 fireworks and you will have to use them. But not anywhere! You will have to head to the Blessing Road of Ignea! Once there you will be able to fire the fireworks!


    Go back to Terry to finish the quest!

    [Repeat] EOS 2nd anniversary quiz event!: You will have to head towards the stairs located in the south of Ignea, once there you will find 2 circle the blue one with a O means True, the red one with an X means False. Every 2 hours, an NPC will spawn and will ask you a question, you will have to go to one of the circles in order to answer with True or False. If you find the right answer you will finish the quest then you can get back to Terry in order to finish the quest and receive it again!


    [Daily/Repeat][Co-Op] Stop the ghost!: You will have to defeat Kostus who's located at Ignea Guard Post in front of the entrance! The boss will spawn every 2 hours.


    In order to defeat him you will have to throw candies at him!

    The event will end the November 13th, 2019.

    Happy 2nd anniversary to everyone and enjoy the candies but not too much!