Sugestion about lvl 70+ crafting material's

  • Hello soulkeeper's,

    I have a difficult time in game gathering resources after lvl 70+. Until lvl 70, doing quest's, killing mob's and making solo dungeon's, gathering mat's necesary for lvl-ing up Soul expert and Chef lvl was like a charm, but now, after 70, you praise the Lord when you get an gold ore on warp mob's, or any resource needed to lvl up your profesion's. Or we need to wait for a seasonal event that actually give us, the lowbie's some help by making daily bosses and quest's that are period limited...

    And now come's the painfull part, ok, i agree to put necesary lvl for Soul Expert 15200 for converting the gem into atisan one, but take the view of a newbie player, in how many year's can he make 15200 SE level when after 70 the drop rate is so low, so here come's my sugestion:

    Pls, if can be taken into consideration by Dev's/GM's/ or anyone can do something, put at mob's in Soulkeeper Challenge, to bosse's in Challenge Tower, or increase the drop rate of resources at mob's in warp zone's so we can catch the older player's.

    I dont think this will affect very much the economy or the work of the other player's, hence it will make more balance for player's who wanna farm to increase they'r profesion's and craft better Desert's/Gourmet's/Drink's and scroll's.

    I hope my sugestion is a good one, and i wait for any feedback about it here in replay's.

    Greet's From Levina, VlC0NTE! ;)

  • Well with newest patch .45 leveling soul expert and chef profession became easier. If you haven't noticed yet that daily activity of completing Today's Raid gives you 4 books of chef and expert that each books gives 50lvl to that profession, so in total you get 200lvl of each profession EVERYDAY if you complete Today's Raid.
    Moving on! When you kill boss in Today's Raid boss drop Adventure's bag or Outstanding Adventure's bag and from open them you get materials for chef/soul expert of your level. Next Warped Area! Yes mobs doesn't drop materials often but they drop treasure chests which can give you crafting materials if you open them with Average key (blue one). Lets not forget that there is daily quest in Warped Area that gives lvl's for chef/soul expert when you complete.
    There are plenty ways to get materials to lvl up your profession but i recommend you just spam Today's Raid, fast and easy (well depends on boss and people) also you get adventure's mark that you can exchange for jewelry boxes, mount, soul orbs and legendary gear fragments. Just by playing game and doing dailies you will rise your profession in no time!
    Also converting to new gems is quite expensive and i doubt new players will have gold for it, or even gems to be converted!