Help with resource's drop location

  • Hello Soulkeeper's,

    I'm a come-back-er in EOS, started a new character, with some of my friend's, made lvl 80, had some fun, but today they put the new content in game. The new gem's. So, in order to get that, you need Soul Expert crafting lvl 15200.... And i only have 2500... Getting mat's to craft after lvl 70 is painfull. So, in order to make that, i'm asking you where in the game is dropping Chromite and Chromite Ornament and at what mob's?

    I will appreciate an answer,

    TY in advance!:thumbup:

  • Chromite ornament drops in any Lvl74 Dungeon like Lost crypt for example, it also drops in the raid Kranhiem zone 1(which is good to spam as it drops alot) , you can buy on Marketplace too, Opening Lvl74 dimensional chests will also get you this material.

    The new Today's Raid for daily Activity gives +200 points a day from reward, and warp quest from soul expert daily will increase your skill too.