Dungeons/Raids - Today's Raid

  • What is Today's Raid ?

    Today's Raid is a new system which allow players to fight against Bosses from Raids in a new way!

    How to join Today's Raid ?


    In order to join this feature you will have to press the H-key then select Raids.

    Once on this window, you will have to click on "Today's Raid" button to start the smartmatching for today's raid.

    It is possible to start the smartmatching system with a party of 3 players.

    What can we get from this system ?

    Today's Raid allows you to get one Mark of Adventurer et increase your Trusted Adventurer buff.


    You will also obtain 5x Bright Equipment Box Fragments. Once you have 10 of them you will be able to receive a box of gear matching your attack power!


    Upon killing the boss you will receive one of the following items: Adventurer’s bag or Outstanding Adventurer’s bag which contains ingrediants matching your attack power. The Oustanding one will give you more items.

    Do my gear have an impact on Today's Raid ?

    No ! Every players, once they join Today's Raid receive a buff increasing their stats so they all are on the same level!


    It is also possible for you to buy scrolls and potion for Today's Raid, these are available from the merchant in the raid or with Veronica in Ignea.

    These are stronger than the scrolls and potions you would usually use and can only be used in Today's Raid!

    Have fun in this new system!