New Mystery Box - Moon Quilin

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    You feel like upgrading your mount? Then this might just be the right time to do so!

    Don’t miss out our New Mystery Mount Box Moon Quilin! Check it out in our Webshop!

    The Mystery Box can include one of the following items:

    • Moon Quilin
    • Tori Pet Box from rare to legendary
    • Marten Pet Box [Normal]
    • Glacial Mammoth
    • Maid and Butler’s Set Gift Box (Blue)
    • Premium Pack – 15 days
    • Adventurer’s Weapon Costume Box – 3 Days
    • Average Key
    • Superior key
    • Superb Bag
    • Hourglass – 7days
    • Njord’s Blessing 3h
    • Edun’s Blessing 3h
    • Beauty Shop Ticket
    • Server Loudspeaker
    • Sanctuary Wings: Platinum Lv4
    • Dungeon Ticket
    • Soul Orb

    This offer ends on September, 16th 2019 – 11:59 PM CEST!

    Do not miss this opportunity!

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