Newbie player in need of tips and guides.

  • Hello,

    Me and some friends are trying to get into Echo of Soul, we've been following the main questline (we think that they are the yellow ones), however we're feeling a bit lost, we need some tips and guides on what we should be doing.

    How does the character progression works? We find it a bit confusing, also, is there a way to switch to an action-camera like Guild Wars 2?

    Are there crafting, fishing and other activities as well? How do we go about it?

    We're playing a Warrior, Rogue and an Warlock on the Aesir server, it does not feel very populated though.

    Is there an Reddit sub for Echo of Soul?

    Either way we think the game is fantastic and cannot wait to see nnd understand all it has to offer.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello and welcome to the world of Echo of soul!

    We are glad that you're enjoying the game so far!

    You may find lots of differents FAQs here: FAQ - Summary of the FAQs they should help you understand the game a lot more!

    Also, pretty much at first when you start the game you will have to follow the quests whether they are yellow (main quests) or blue (side quests). The game offers its real content at level 70, you will have then access to everything (with the proper attack power of course) dungeons, raids, vortex etc. Many things are awaiting for you :)

    Have fun :D



  • First of all, it's always dead leveling to lvl70 as nobody is around as the game pretty much starts at lvl70 and there you will find lots of players at Ignea (main town). Main quest line is the Pink quests. Unfortunately the camera is your standard. There is only Chef and Soul crafting where you obtain the materials from dungeons (party/solo/raids) or Vortex area. Find a guild on the server and get them to help you with anything you need to ask. Good luck.