Ignea Siege - General

  • The new Guild VS Guild has arrived! Face each other and win the City of Ignea!

    What is the Siege?

    It's a guild-versus-guild mode which will allow the winning guild to take over the city of Ignea and collect taxes! The Siege allows up to 50 people from each guild to compete in this new GvG mode!

    When does this Siege take place?

    Every Saturday from 21CEST to 22 CEST, you can enter from 20:50 CEST. At 21 CEST the doors will be closed and you will not be able to teleport to the battlefield. Even if you are invited in a group/raid since the groups are formed automatically once you joined the battlefield.
    Warning! Only groups 1 and 2 can enter the goddess's room and only the guild leader can move the different players within the groups between 8:50 pm CEST and 9:00 pm CEST.

    How to participate in the Siege?

    Go to the city located in the territory that you are owning and find the NPC Siege Keeper in order to teleport to the Siege.


    Once you won Ignea, you can teleport through the same NPC in Ignea itself!


    What are the conditions to participate?

    First, your guild must be one of 4 guilds to own a territory on your server!

    Only 3 guilds maximum can participate in the war, you can see for the week if your guild will have the opportunity to participate in the Siege! In order to participate, you must be in the top 3 guilds in terms of guild experience gained!
    To see your current participation, you will have to open the guild window (press the "G" key on your keyboard) and go to the "Participation" tab then click on "Siege". This will give you the following display:


    Only guilds with "Available" on the right side will be able to participate in the Siege!

    How to win the Siege?

    The goal of the Siege is to capture the Statue of the Goddess located in the middle of Ignea!
    To do so you will have to make your way to it by confronting the other guilds and capturing the towers!

    Your guild starts in one camp, so do the other two guilds! From the moment Ignea belongs to a guild, this guild will have to defend the statue from the camp that is directly above the statue.


    When the Siege begins you will be able to face the other guilds and try to seize the Statue of the Goddess!
    Warning! The guild defending can attack at anytime, anywhere, even when you are moving your siege weapon to the gates.

    Siege Weapon

    This will allow you to enter Ignea's compound! Attention, this weapon will only be able to work only once within range of the doors, thus you will have to make it move in order to seize it!

    Core of the Soul

    In order to advance this weapon you will need to obtain the "core of the soul".


    To attack the doors you will need "Ether".


    These two objets are available at the camp where you start. You will therefore have to go back and forth between the camp and the Siege Weapon to make it move and attack the doors once within their reach.

    Location of Guardian Towers


    Before and After Occupying a Guardian Tower



    In order to enter the room where the Statue of the Goddess is located, you will have to occupy one of the three Guardian Towers located in the middle of Ignea. Once at least one of the three towers occupied, one of the three entrances to the room will be opened allowing you to enter it.

    Location of the Statue of the Goddess



    The Statue of the Goddess, the ultimate goal of this Siege! Once reached, only the Guild Leader can handle it and thus win the Siege!

    What to win with this Siege?

    The guild who won the Siege will receive a unique Wing Costume as long as they're the ower of Ignea and 50% of the taxes.

    May the best win !