Soulkeeper package – First-time buyer bonus package

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    We’ve prepared a fascinating bonus package for each first-time buyer!

    This package is a special gift for each Soulkeeper that has not bought anything from our in-game and / or webshop yet.

    So don’t hesitate! Go get some AP and buy yourself something beautiful to get the First-time buyer bonus package for free.

    What you need to pay attention to?

    To get our first-time buyer bonus package these points apply:

    • You have never spent any AP in our in-game and / or webshop in Echo of Soul.
    • You need to spend at least 1 AP.
    • Bonus AP do not count. AP gathered free through Partners do not count. Only AP purchased through Aeria Games will count.

    How can I charge AP?

    A full instruction on how to charge AP can be found >>>here<<< in our FAQ.

    Where can I find the in-game and webshop?
    You will be able to read >>>here<<< where to find both our Shops.

    What is in the Soulkeeper Package?

    There are very precious items in our Soulkeeper Package.

    Have a look yourself:


    5x Frigg's Revival Stone   

    This very precious stone will allow you to revive on the same spot, with full health.


    10x Premium – Healing Potion Box   

    Open the chest and receive 10 Premium Healing Potions.

    Each Premium Healing Potion regenerates 10% of your life immediately and restores 3 life points each second for a maximum of 10 seconds.


    100x Premium – Healing Order   

    Each Healing Order regenerates 40% of your life immediately. This scroll can be used in a 30m radius on yourself, on group or raid members.


    5x Dungeon Ticket  

    Each Dungeon Ticket allows you an additional entry to Dungeons, once you have reached your daily or weekly limit.


    3x Friggard's Blessing (2 hours)  

    Use this blessing and you will receive 10% extra experience for 2 hours while hunting monsters.


    1x Junior Promethean (7 days)  

    Use this item and you will receive a beautiful pet – the Junior Promethean – for 7 days!

    This pet will follow you through your adventures and will also gather the loot, which is dropped by the defeated monsters. Once the time of the pet is expired you will be able to extend the time by using one of the hourglasses from our in-game and / or webshop.


    All items included in the package are not tradable.

    The delivery of the package takes place in the "Events" tab of the in-game shop and can take up to 24 hours!

    The package can only be obtained once for the first purchase of items in our web and / or game shop!

    Do not hesitate! Charge APs and buy something nice to get that special package!

    Lots of fun!

    Your EOS Team