Special offers to St. Patrick’s Day!

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    There’s a very special event going on this weekend, as our irish friends are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

    And for that festive occasion, we’ve put together the beautiful Green Set of the High Warlord, a very fabulous Jade Cybersaur mount and the gorgeous pet Baby Pig.

    Do not miss out on these special offers for St. Patrick’s Day! Quick, have a look at our Webshop!

    • Green Set of the High Warlord - permanent for all classes
    • Mystery Box - Jade Cybersaur
      • Reittier Grüner Belkipex (with different mileages, even as permanent version)
      • Lucky Potion
      • Gold Blessing (Party)
      • EXP Blessing (Party)
      • Beauty Shop Ticket
      • Superior Key
      • Hourglass (3 Days)
      • Enhancement Booster
      • Rotisserie Chicken
    • Mount Jade Cybersaur - single buy version for 30 days or permanent
    • Mystery Box - Baby Pig
      • Baby Piglet Package
      • Baby Pig Pet Box (Normal)
      • Baby Pig Pet Box (Good)
      • Baby Pig Pet Box (Rare)
      • Baby Pig Pet Box (Epic)
      • Baby Pig Pet Box (Legendary)
      • Hourglass – 7 Days
      • Pet Coins Rare up to Legendary
      • Lucky Pet Coin Box
    • Pet Black Baby Pig - single buy
    • Pet Pink Baby Pig - single buy

    The offer ends on March 17th - 23:59 CEST!

    Don’t miss your chance!

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