[Event] The “green” quiz!

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    Do you know St. Patrick’s Day, the irish holiday? As you know, is green the colour to go during this traditional fest and do you know why? Do you know Ireland's Story and their traditions?
    If so, come visit us in Bernica!
    You will be able to test your knowledge, as we’re going to ask you questions all over the colour green, St. Patricks Day and Ireland!


    Come visit us in Bernicia at the Primal Essence Square during following time:

    Thursday, 14th of March 2019
    16:30 o’clock on Aesir
    17:00 o’clock on Edun
    17:30 o’clock on Levina!

    We will stand at the Primal Essence Square and ask you all sorts of questions about the green colour and St. Patricks Day!

    The first to post the right answer via chat will receive 3 points, the second person will receive 2 and the third person will receive 1.

    All points will be summed up after 15 rounds and the 3 players, that have reached the most points will receive a reward.

    There will be an extra Bonus question, in case the quiz ended in a tie.

    Good Luck!

    Kind regards,

    EOS Team