FAQ - The shop for magic eggs

  • FAQ - The shop for magic eggs

    A new shop has come into play! The older players already know him, it's about the shop of magic eggs!

    You can get there many interesting and useful objects!

    Where do you find the magic egg shop?

    You can find the magic egg shop in our in-game shop in the lower right corner of your game!



    How do you get magic eggs?

    You get magic eggs at certain events and you can wear costumes,

    Convert accessories and mounts from the Premium Shop with the Magic Egg Transformation Roll into magical eggs.


    Right-click on the role in your inventory and then left-click on the object you want to convert.

    Attention, the converted object will be deleted during the conversion!

    For a mount, you will receive 30 magical eggs.

    For a costume you will receive 12 magic eggs.

    For a headdress or a mask you will receive 3 magic eggs.

    For one you receive 10 magic eggs.

    Happy shopping!

    Yours sincerely

    Your EOS team