FAQ - Sealingstones and their functions

  • FAQ - Sealingstones and their functions

    From level 70 you will receive a new item, the Seal Stone!

    How do you get a seal for your character?

    At level 70, you must go to Ignea to complete a quest line.

    While completing this quest line, you will receive the Sealstone and Levinas Entsiegler from NPC Gartia.



    Do not throw these two items away, you will only get them once, and the Seal Stone will allow you to unlock important status points for your character.

    What are you doing with your sealstone?

    Equip the obtained seal with a right-click in your inventory.

    You can then upgrade it to upgrade the status points with the help of Levinas Entsiegler, which you also received.

    To improve it, you must click on the sword in your inventory, then on the seal stone to upgrade it in your character window (key P).

    You have to push Levinas Entsiegler in the window provided for it.




    With which items can you improve your seal?
    You can upgrade your seal with unlock keys.


    You will receive fragments in the different regions of the Vortex, in the Challenge Tower, or in some dungeons.

    You can turn 10 fragments into a key.


    The appreciation can also fail!

    Your sealstone has reached the first level.

    What's next?

    When your sealstone has reached the first level, you must use a seal stone wrench,

    you can get by completing achievements or the Spiroshändler.

    You need different keys and fragments for each level that you can get in the Vortex and Dungeons.

    You can also exchange your current keys for other keys with the dealer.


    You will need to increase this item each time to increase the level of your Sealstone.

    Good luck to all!

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