FAQ - Assisting gear

  • FAQ - Assisting gear

    You want additional values for your character? You reached level 70? We have what you need!

    Supporting equipment is equipment that you only get once for your character! Do not lose or delete it!

    To get them, you need to complete a number of tasks after reaching level 70 in Ignea.

    NPC Gartia will give you the quest to get the supporting equipment.


    She will ask you to go to NPC Thaleia, who is in Ignea to talk to her.


    She is the administrator of the supporting equipment.

    She will ask you to bring her some of the resources that can be found during daily quests in some dungeons, the daily quest tower quests, and the Arena and Battleground merchants.


    Once you have brought the transcripts, you will receive your supporting equipment to equip your character.


    The supporting equipment can be improved. Talk to Thaleia, who will give you a quest.

    It will demand a certain amount of extras from you. Once you've accumulated that amount of resources, you'll need to right-click on your assistive gear into your inventory to complete the quest and you will receive additional supportive equipment with higher levels and higher status points.

    Good luck to you all!

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