Mystical Sultan's Magic Carpet Box

  • Teppich2_800.png

    Thousand and one night await! Do you want to be carried across the fields like a sultan? With this carpet, this might very well happen to you!

    This magical mount is available as a new Mystery Box and has the chance to contain one of the following items:

    • Sultan's Magic Carpet (With many different times, as well as the permanent version)
    • 2x Superior Key
    • 1x Hourglass (3 Days)
    • 1x (Premium) Rotisserie Chicken
    • 6x Gold Blessing (Party)
    • 6x EXP Blessing (Party)
    • 1x Beauty Shop Ticket
    • 1x Enhancement Booster

    This noble offer ends on February 13th at 10:00 am CEST!

    Hovering over the ground, truly an experience one would not want to miss!

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