crystals to make crests

  • Hello is anyone else not getting the crystals to make the crests I haven't been getting those as drops mostly the defence crystals it doesn't matter where I go

  • It's pretty random to be honest.
    If you want a TIP, you could create up to 8 characters on your server and log them every day in order to get an item which gives you those crystals. Since those crystals are account tradable it's easy to get some over the month without having to farm :P
    Look in the Daily Login Calendar for a yellow item :P

  • yeah I get that yellow item but I am not getting crystals as drops anymore I was just wondering if anyone else wasn't getting them either for some reason it just stopped dropping those I just hope they didn't move them to party and raid dungeons only cause I will never get them unless I buy them and they are expensive but thanks for the response have a good day