Event - "For Ignea!" (Finished)

  • Frigard needs you! Terrible monsters and the ever so invasive goblins threaten to pour onto Ignea from the Vortex.

    But beware, this mission is only reserved for the most powerful and courageous of soulkeepers!

    Will you face this menacing threat in the gap of dimensions and destroy his numerous allies?

    Be one of the brave soulkeepers, and show your colors in Ignea to receive recognition of your actions!

    How do I participate?

    To enter the event, you have to go into the gap of dimensions to find the boss there.

    Here is this to find:








    After a few minutes of combat, the boss will summon his goblins.

    Defeat the goblins for the quest while keeping the boss busy.

    The boss appears about every 30 minutes.

    Team up with other soulkeepers and do not forget to accept the repeatable and daily quests that appear!

    Play fair and do not take the opportunity to kill your comrades and other players during this time.

    Complete the quests to get two items that will reward you:

    faq_ynea_7.jpg faq_ynea_8.jpg

    What to do with the banners?

    Once you've completed the first event quests, will you need to head to the central square of Ignea to hoist your flag.


    Use the quest item by right-clicking on the big flag on the central square of Ignea.

    Accept the follow-up quest displayed on your screen and use the new quest item you receive to complete the quest.


    You will then receive a buff that increases your accumulated experience by 20% for one hour and increases your movement speed by 10%.

    There is also a box containing further rewards!


    What to do with the additional event items?

    Roderick, the leader of the alliance of Frigard, you can exchange these for more rewards!


    The quests of this event do not necessarily have to be completed by a special NPC.

    In your list of quotes on the right side they will be displayed for you, should you have them.

    This event ends during maintenance on January 30, 2019!