Event: Dungeon-Homework

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    Hello Soulkeeper!

    The first big event of 2019 starts for the community: The Dungeon-Homework!

    This event starts on 10.01.2019 and ends on the 30.01.2019!

    Every week are challenges to be beaten, which rise in their difficulty over time!

    The challenges are put into 3 categories:

    • Easy (recommended Attack Power: 4.790) [Only up to level 70]
    • Normal (recommended Attack Power: 151.000)
    • Hard (recommended Attack Power: 305.000)

    Each of the categories will reward a different set of goods, which rise in quality and quantity with the chosen difficulty.

    Which of the categories you choose is up to you though. Once you have chosen a category is it advised for you to stay on that category.

    Should you change a category during the coming weeks will your progress be reset.


    • Only one character per account. Those that try to cheat will be disqualified.
    • At the end of a raid will a full screenshot be needed, which can be added in the form down below.

    On the screenshot should be visible: (Which only need to be done in the raids)

    • Name of the character
    • Damage Calculator with all participants of the Raid
    • Time that the raid has been completed
    • Difficulty

    Name of the dungeon and screenshots, as well as general participation, can be done here.

    The evaluation for the event and rewards are expected to be sent on the

    the respective maintenance days all throughout the day,

    in the case of delays, however, by 31 January at the latest.

  • Week 2 (16.01 - 23.01 until maintenance)

    Easy: 3x Bastion of Cork (Hero)

    Normal: Nightmare Kranheim Zone 1 & Nightmare Kranheim Zone 2, in a maximum of 20 minutes for each raid!

    Hard: 5x Woods of Despair & Ironfire Mountain 1 (Easy). Ironfire Mountain in a maximum of 15 minutes!

    The following should be considered to ensure successful participation:

    • The screenshot is only needed for the raid.
    • Only one difficulty will be evaluated. In order to avoid a reset of your progress it is advised to limit the submission to a single difficulty.
      • Participants who have made several submissions in the first week will be put on the highest difficulty of their previous submissions.
      • Further cases of multiple submissions will result in the evaluation and the respective week to be skipped entirely.
  • Soulkeeper, there are news about the event:

    The evaluations of the event will be slightly delayed due to unforeseen difficulties in the currently collected data. To give a little transparency of the situation can be said that an additional validation also requires a second data collection and another set of evaluations as well. It is very important to us that all participants who have successfully completed the challenge also receive their rightful rewards.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to be able to send out all the rewards at the latest after the conclusion of the event. However, this does not rule out that the first few weeks can still be sent earlier.

  • Week 3 (23.01 - 30.01 until maintenance )

    Easy: 5x Drakus' Laboratory (Hero)

    Normal: 5x Shadowflame Mine & Ironfire Mountain (Easy), Ironfire Mountain in a maximum of 25 minutes!

    Hard: Ironfire Mountain (Normal) & Ironfire Mountain 2 in a maximum of 20 minutes for each raid!

    In addition to the already existing difficulty levels is there another challenge in this last week!

    Legendary: Ironfire Mountain 2 - Time Record (of all servers)

    The goal to win the legendary challenge is to get the absolute time record of all players on Phoenix!

    Each record holder of the winning group receives a legendary reward!

    This challenge can be done by any player that already took part in the event, regardless of previous difficulty participation.