I have a question about skill tree

  • For each classes, they each have 2 skill paths, right?

    But then, I heard if you use an item, you can learn different path and switch back and forth.

    My question is, when I'm available to do that, is learning same path and make different build better or learn other path and make a build for other path?

    (One more additionally, the passives in basic skill before choosing paths, if I have both paths, do they both open?)

    Sorry if it's hard to understand. I suck at explaining.

  • As a new player you will get one item called "jack of all trades" till level 70.
    The item allows you to have a new path for your skills.

    Usually players with only 2 paths have 1 class (for example only firemage / only assasin / only stormguard / only crusader and so on) to play with these skill paths: 1 for PvE (monsters) and 1 for PvP.

    Other players like to get 3rd path to make their one class (same like above - only firemage / only earthguard etc) like that: 1 path for PvE (group of monsters), 1 path for PvE (boss fights), 1 for PvP.

    And lastly there are those players that prefer to have 4 paths or so: 2 for one class (PvP and PvE) and 2 paths for another class (PvP and PvE) - for example a sorc that have 2 paths as icemage and 2 paths as firemage.

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