Event - Christmas Event 2018 (Finished)

  • Papa Pori offers you this year a time full of surprises on his Snowburbs island!

    Do you like the snow, the cold, Christmas, reindeer and so much more?

    Come join us in the Snowburbs, hang up red socks, light the fire in the chimneys of houses, collect gifts and build snowmen for everyone, throw snowballs on Papa Pori and his sled, participate in the Christmas Special Quiz and defeat the mean Soranus!

    Prepare Christmas as it should be in Frigard and get lots of rewards!

    How to reach the Snowburbs?

    You can reach the Christmas Pori by going to Ignea and talk to Dainty Dina next to the decoration!
    By going there for the first time, can you also accept the quest "Merry Christmas!". You may receive your first little gift as a reward!

    You can go there whenever you want and leave whenever you want.

    To leave it, all you have to do is talk to the Grandpa Chichi in the Snowburbs!

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    What to do to participate in the Christmas event?

    You will be able to participate in the Christmas break by performing different tasks and different quests.

    Each of them will give you a different reward!

    I Want My Gift, Santa! (Daily Quest) at Dili's

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    During this quest, you will have to collect snowballs from the snowball heap and then throw them on Santa Pori who is moving on his sled!

    When you get him it with your snowballs will a gift fall from its sled and you can collect it for the quest!

    You will need 3 to complete the quest!

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    Psst! don't Tell Scrooge! (Repeatable Quest) at Grandpa Chichi

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    You will receive matches and of red socks in your inventory.

    You will have to collect firewood and go to Scrooge's house to hang a stocking, and light a fireplace.

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    Knock on the door and wait for him to come out.

    Then enter quietly, go light the fireplace right in front of you and hang the red socks on your left!

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    Don't get caught by Scrooge!

    Freeze, Rudolph! (Repeatable quest) at Maya

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    You will receive traps that you will need to place strategically to catch the escaped Rudolphs.

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    When you catch one in your trap, capture it!

    You will have to capture 3 to complete the quest!

    Poriddle Me This (Repeatable Quest) at Nana

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    Go to the Poriddler's house and knock at his door door.

    When he comes out he will ask you a question.

    Answer his question by moving to O for True or X for False!

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    You will need to answer 5 questions correctly!

    The Gift of Giving (Daily Quest) at Shasha Shyann

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    You will have to travel to the Pori Snowburbs to open gifts!

    Find the 4 good gifts and form a Mega Gift with clicking on one of the 4 items in the Pack.

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    Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Daily Quest) at Dori's

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    You will have to travel to the Snowburbs to search the piles of snow!

    Find the 5 items to rebuild a Snowman by clicking on one of the 5 items in your inventory.

    You will need: 1 Snowman's Head, 1 Snowman's Body, 1 Coal, 1 Twig in the Shape of Arms and 1 Nose Carrot.

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    You will have to build 2 beautiful snowmen!

    The Party Crasher (Daily Quest) at Grandfather Chichi

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    You will have to kill Soranus, the Christmas scoundrel, all together with other players.

    He is decently strong and only appears every 30 minutes after having been defeated!

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    What to do with my Christmas Coins?

    The Coin Bag will allow you to get Christmas Coins.

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    You can redeem them for great rewards at Christmas merchants in Ignea near the teleporter or in the Snowburbs!

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    The event will end on January 9, 2018 during maintenance!

    We wish you all a wonderful end-of-year holiday on Echo of Soul Phoenix!