[Event] Advent Calendar 2018

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    Can you still remember when you were looking forward eagerly to open the little doors of your Advent Calendar as a kid?

    We want to give you exactly that feeling and offer you a very special Event on Echo Of Soul Phoenix !

    Unfortunately had our Santa Claus it not very easy this year. The pesky monsters caused him to get a bit overwhelmed while observing the citizens of Frigard! He desperately needs the help of an experienced Soulkeeper on this one!

    So take part in our advent calendar 2018, open a door every day, discover the secret hideout of Santa Claus, remove the pesky monster that hindered him at the hinted at place and send him a letter to let him know that you helped out!

    Dear Soulkeepers,

    our Santa Claus wants to distribute many presents this year as well, yet have unfortunately some nasty monsters caused him to get into a bit of trouble himself with the secret places he wants to hide the presents in! Will you find out where the hiding places are and remove the monsters that caused so much trouble to our dear Santa? Don't forget to let Santa know that you helped out!

    So what exactly do you have to do? You will have to kill 24 different monsters in certain places. After that will you have to write a letter to Santa Claus to confirm that you have killed the monster in the place of the puzzle!

    Participate in the fun and get gifts that would make even a king envious!

    You're probably wondering how to participate! That's quite easy!

    • Every day from midnight (CEST) you have to check the most current advent post in the forum. In that post will be a puzzle that you must solve! >>> Here you can find the advent calendar 2018 <<<
    • The puzzle will include a monster in a place for each day to find, in the game. These places are certain to always be in Leven or Heliana.
      • All answers to the puzzles are always to be found in the game.
    • Solve the puzzle and go to the specified location to kill the specified monster.
    • Once you've killed the monster, should you go to a mailbox and tell Santa that you've taken care of the monster.
      • Attention: It is absolutely necessary to kill the correct monster, which is named, or hinted at, in the riddle. If you kill another monster, or a monster in a different region with the same name, will it be invalid for the event.
    • Our Santa Claus is called XMas2018 on the server Edun, 2018XMas on the server Aesir and 20XMas18 on the server Levina.
    • You have to kill the monster and send the letter to Santa before 11:59 CEST the same day. If you do not do it on the same day, then it will no longer be counted towards the daily event!

    Now you're probably wondering what you can win!

    Every day, after midnight, will Santa check his mailbox and looks for who has sent him letters! He will send to each player, who has sent him a letter and with the right monster killed, a little surprise!

    Unfortunately, do not even we do not know what said surprise contains. It is just known that Santa changes these up every day!

    But that's not all!

    He has prepared special reward packages for the very hard-working participants!

    The players who have successfully participated between 10 and 19 days receive the Small Christmas Surprise Package.

    The players, who were even more diligent and successfully participated between 20 and 23 days, receive the Middle Christmas Surprise Package.

    And the very diligent, who have successfully participated all 24 days, get the Big Christmas Surprise Package.

    Santa did not want to tell us what surprises in the packages are in there but you will certainly like them! Be also reassured that the packages get bigger in both variety and quantity with each next 'tier'.

    Successful participation is therefore when you kill the right monster in the right place (in the puzzle) and then send a letter to the Santa's of your server to let him know on the same day of the Advent Door before 11:59pm CEST!

    Attention, one more hint for the event!

    Participation in the event is only allowed with one account and one character per player.

    So if you start the event with a character, you might want to continue it with the same character.

    Changing the character during the event means that the previous days you made with the first character will not be transferred to the other character and will be ultimately lost!

    Likewise, you will have to kill the monster with this character as well. It does not count if a party member, or someone else kills the monster for you. You have to make sure to deal the last hit to the monster of the riddle.

    Players that do not let the other players participate in peace during the event and deliberately kill repeated their monsters to annoy and ruin their experience will be punished and their accounts get locked for the entire duration of the event!

    The rewards will be sent to the mailbox of the participating char. Sending these to another character will not be possible.

    We wish you all good luck,

    have fun and a nice Advent in EOS Phoenix!


    your EOS Phoenix Team