Patch Notes | November 28th, 2018

  • Patch_hallofix_800.png

    Hey hey hello Soulkeeper,

    today's patch has the following contents:


    • Maintenance has been successfully performed on the servers!
    • The enhancement event is over. Zima packed up her things and has went off once again after having taken care of all your shiny shiny gems.
    • The event of the Tower of Challenge and of the Vortex still go on! (Until December 12th.)


    • The scroll of the Oktoberfest event map should now be sellable!
    • Bernicia has now been cleaned up properly and the decoration of Halloween has been finally stowed away.
      • The pets of this gleeful time have now also gone their way.
    • The buff (Event) of the Tower of Challenge has received a description in all languages!

    A successful new week awaits you,

    Your EOSP Team