Tiered Spender: Black Friday

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    A weekend to behold is upon us,

    the Black Friday is coming and with it also some of our well known flash sales and other fabulous offers over the weekend. Keep your eyes open for the reduced prices of the offereditems, goodies, as well as outfits and more!

    Get amazing items such as:

    • Sanctuary Wings: Platinum Lv3
    • Lucky Pet Coin Box
    • Maid's and Butler's / Assassin Set
    • and more!

    View the whole tiered spender and all of it's tiers is HERE.

    !!These rewards can be claimed indefinitely!!

    The Tiered Spender ends November 30th at 11:59 pm CEST!

    It is still possible to claim your rewards 24 hours after the Tiered Spender ends.

    Need more AP?

    Don't wait you can get some more HERE to get your desired goodies during Black Friday!

    Game On Soulkeepers,

    Your EoS Team