Offer: Name-Change-Card

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    Hey Soulkeeper!

    Trouble with the law? Unhappy that someone just has a prejudice against you from the way your name sounds? Unhappy with that nick someone has given you?

    Worry not, for we have a new offer just ready for you!

    Check out the new offer in the Webshop for your chance to get away with a new name for cheap!

    Other worthwhile mentions for this offer:

    The Insta-70-Scroll and Teleport Crystal have returned to the shop, now without a time limit!

    Next to those is the tightly filled package that's just bursting with goodies and a good start of a new character into a game!

    Come and check it out!
    The Name-Card offer ends 14th October 2018!

    Needs more AP? Here are you able to get some!