[REMAKE] A List.

  • Decided to post this again as the other one was taking too long to be accepted and best to try my luck again with this....

    Basically a list of things that should be fixed or implemented into EOS to make it better and more enjoyable at this point since content is slow.

    Here’s a Straw Poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/16446436

    1. More Hairstyles in Character Creation.
    2. Additional Skin Variations in Character Creation.
    3. Additional Eye Colors in Character Creation.
    4. More Body Part Slides in Character Creation.
    5. Remove Gender Lock on all classes.
    6. BF merchant should have Lesser Equipment lvl 70+.
    7. BF Merchant should have Pvp Buff Scrolls
    8. BF Merchant should have Mounts.
    9. BF 70+ should give a small amount of exp.
    10. BF badges at the end of match should be buffed.
    11. BF should be available at lvl 10.
    12. “Primal Essence” price in BF merchant should be reduced.
    13. Buff Legendary Jewel Drop Rate from BF boxes.
    14. “Purification Scroll” in BF merchant should be taken out since no one uses.
    15. A different type of BF should be released.
    16. “Survival Training” should not be added due to unfairness of classes.
    17. Arena Shop should give equipment also.
    18. Vortex gold mobs should be brought back and applied to all mobs.
    19. Vortex quest to kill 300 mobs should be reduced to 50
    20. Vortex dimensional boss should drop actual useful loot.
    21. Vortex dimensional boss should spawn once a day. (Dunno if it actually does)
    22. Vortex lvl should be changed along with mobs.
    23. Vortex mob exp should be buffed a tiny bit.
    24. Increase mob range in Vortex.
    25. Vortex Chef and Soul quest should be buffed by 8 points.
    26. Soul Keeper Solo should give more gold.
    27. Soul Keeper Solo should give more mats.
    28. Mobs in Solo Dungeons should drop cooking mats more frequently.
    29. Increase Listing Fee in Auction House.
    30. Limited items placement in Auction House should be taken out.
    31. General merchant pots and scroll prices should be reduced.
    32. “Remote Storage” and “Remote Marketplace” should be taken out of in game shop and put into General Merchant.
    33. “Average Key” price in General Merchant needs to be cut in half.
    34. “Frigg’s Blessing Potion Pack” price should be reduced to 250.
    35. “Ally Revival Scrolls” should be 5 gold each in General Merchant.
    36. Food should be removed from General Merchant.
    37. “Superior Llama” should be moved to General Merchant.
    38. “Magic Egg Conversion Scroll” should be removed from General Merchant.
    39. Reduce amount of “Essence of Courage” Valhalla pillars give.
    40. Valhalla time should be fixed so NA players and EU players can compete.
    41. Pve Scrolls should be added to Adventure Merchant.
    42. “Digestant” should be added to Adventure Merchant.
    43. “Nutritional Supplement” should be added to Adventure Merchant.
    44. ”Rare Unseal Order I” should be moved to Adventure Merchant.
    45. “Rare Unseal Order II” should be moved to Adventure Merchant.
    46. Outfit stats should be added permanently to game shop.
    47. Weapon skins should be added to game shop.
    48. New items in the in game shop should be added.
    49. Magic Lamps should be put into in game shop.
    50. More mounts added to in game shop.
    51. More Accessories added to in game shop.
    52. Pet Coin Boxes should be reduced.
    53. Lottery Ticket should have higher chances of jackpot.
    54. Enhancement event should happen once a week.
    55. Mount speed should be boosted feels slow.
    56. “Refer a Friend” should be implemented, Reward should be a small amount of AP.
    57. “Runic Tablet” should be changed on how to achieve next level up.
    58. Put the new raid warp in the first town to make it look more populated.
    59. Noticed that coins are always higher in event merchants and should be lowered.
    60. Help a new player through dungeons quest should be added.
    61. Take out gold in Magic Lamps.
    62. Perm Lvling Event needs to be put into place for new players.
    63. Bigger Account Storage.
    64. Money transfer in Account Storage should be an option.
    65. Spanish Translation should be added to game.
    66. If new or old players want to apply to a guild they can easily apply for one in the Guild NPC.
    67. Gold should be given for logging into the game.
    68. Items that are basically character bound should be put in account storage.
    69. “Area Boss Exp Scroll” should give enough for a level.
    70. “Area Loudspeaker” should be taken out of in game shop and kept in lamps.
    71. “Server Loudspeaker” should be taken out of in game shop and kept in lamps.
    72. Noticed that Growth Stone Merchant is missing.
    73. Guild Shop should be Implemented.
    74. Increase Guild Exp in Quests.
    75. Some quests give “Essence of Courage” should give “Primal Essence” Instead.
    76. Special Announcements of Sales on website should be made in game.
    77. Take out Shortcuts in Doomspire.
    78. Rotate recommended servers weekly or monthly.
    79. Remove cool down for reviving an ally.
    80. Legendary fragments should be added.
    81. Increase exp on all quest below lvl 70.