[BUG] The new doomspire enhancement scroll consumes an entire stack of enhancement boosters

  • So I got one of the new doomspire scrolls today, the one that is supposed to change 1x Enhancement booster into > 1x Adcanced Enhancement booster lamp. But I found out that if you use it on a stack of enhancement boosters it actually uses all the enhancement boosters from that stack buy still only gives you 1 lamp. Beneath is a screenshot from my ingame use of the scroll. I hope this gets fixed asap, in the meantime I'd suggest only using it on 1 booster at a time.


    Echo of Soul Phoenix

    - Merfadu@Levina


  • Tried to use it on 1 booster and it didnt work :shrug: I guess it requires 2 boosters. Idk if it was meant to be like this tho. Because if the Chance of getting an Advanced Booster isnt 50% but like 10% it's not worth, because you keep losing 1 Booster. That's atleast my experience: Used up 2 boosters to get this lamp-> Got 1 booster back in return-.- 0/10 wouldnt recommend

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