Puzzlepiece and Constellation

  • Starshark.jpg

    Hey Soulkeeper,

    as the stars have already foretold will the Constellation Shark now glow in all it's glory on the Manta Reef as well. The celestial being is available in the new Magic Lamp from the Webshop from July 25th. From the lamp can you get puzzle pieces of the shark, or with a bit of luck, the Constellation Shark itself! 400 puzzle pieces will be needed to put the shark together. (Pieces can be swallowed. The puzzle is fit for Soulkeepers age 6 and higher.)

    Each of these Magic Lamps cost 149 AP and will most likely only be available for the time it's special constellation is visible during this Summer. Now now, hurry up and take a look in our Webshop! Need more AP? Look here!

    Celestial greetings, your EOSP Team