Mystery Crab Box

  • Strandkrabben_pic.PNG

    Snip, snap, crabsnap! Oh, what's that that has come to us from the crystal clear waters of the ocean, Soulkeeper?

    This snipping Mysterybox is available for 199 AP and has the chance to contain one of the following items:

    • Crab Pet Box (Receive a Coconut Crab or Hermit Crab; stats may be included if you are lucky!)
    • Hourglass - 7 Days
    • Lucky Pet Coin Box
    • Legendary Pet Coin
    • Epic Pet Coin
    • Rare Pet Coin
    • Good Pet Coin

    This summer-packed offer ends on 25th of June on 11:59pm CEST!

    Come and grab your fishing utensils and get a chance to get your own crabby companion on the hook!

    Need more AP? Here can you get more!