Flying Manta Magic Lamp

  • Manta_lamp_small.png

    It flap-flaps through the sun, over the Poris and rides the refreshing wind of the beloved summer island.

    This is the super popular giant manta ray, and has it not only been given the joy of Poris this time around, but also a new lamp dedicated to it!

    The Flying Manta Magic Lamp, newly appeared with the opening of the Manta Reef!

    Be it the summer outfit, summer weapon skin, or maybe even the Armored Shark, this super hot Magic Lamp has only the most wanted content of this summer!

    Is that all? Of course not! Look in our Webshop and get yourself some of those lamps,

    with luck may you even get the proud owner of a predator of the seas yourself!

    Available in the Web Mall now!

    This offer starts Juli 18th 10:00 CEST and ends Juli 25th 10:0 CEST