Super Mystical Red Dragon Box

  • dance_dragon_edit2.png

    Jump up, get up, come on and start to dance!

    A new and with cool riches loaded cache of a Mysterybox is for insane 79 AP available and has the chance to contain one of the following items:

    • Red Dragon (With different run times, as well as a permanent Version)
    • 6x EXP Blessing - Party
    • 6x Gold Blessing - Party
    • 6x Lucky Potion*
    • 1x Hourglass (3 Days)
    • 1x Enhancement Booster
    • 1x Rotisserie Chicken

    *Newly added to the mix of potions is the Lucky Potion, which grants the Soulkeeper a random buff for the next 15 minutes, after having been used.

    These are some of the possible buffs:

    ATK + 2% / DEF + 2% / PEN + 2% / Move SPD + 15% / Enhancement Chance + 3% / Gold + 15% / EXP + 15%

    With lots of luck can also be one of three special buffs be granted to you, which is a stronger combination of the effects as seen above.

    This amazing offer starts on July 11th on 10:00 CEST and goes until July 18th 10:00 CEST!

    Let lady luck take your hand on this amazing offer!

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