Quest: The nameless Trainer

  • Char Name: Ethna

    Server: Aesir

    I would give the Trainee a magical Apple cake to give him the strength, so the Trainer can protect his beloved pet jellyfish.

  • Name: Cyning

    Server: Aesir

    I would let the pet and trainer know that I will always be by their side when they need help an tell them that I believe in them that they can do anything. I would give the pet treats and encourage it to continue to train under the guidance of the trainer, and if needed I would help it train whether for a sparring partner or just an extra set of eyes to make sure everything is done properly. I'd encourage the pet to always be kind and loving to the trainer as well.

  • Character name: Merfadu

    Server: Levina

    A red trainer and a red jellyfish,

    They want to grow stronger that's their only wish.

    But now they face a threat like never before,

    A bunch of other jellyfish that want to settle a score.

    On this battlefield oh so wet,

    The trainer can't help but sweat.

    He knows they're not strong enough yet,

    He needs to train his favorite pet.

    But sadly they have no time,

    It's now or never, it's showtime!

    Then he remembers he had some frigg's blessing,

    The thought of having it is quite refreshing.

    He gives it to his favorite buddy,

    He loves his jellyfish, to him it's like a puppy.

    And so to battle the jellyfish goes,

    He'll surely win, the trainer knows.

    Echo of Soul Phoenix

    - Merfadu@Levina


  • Name : Melodi

    Server : Aesir

    I will tell the trainer and his pet that I believe they can do anything and never give up. I will give them a strength to be stronger.

  • Name : Xiaovin

    Server : Aesir

    i will tell to the red trainer that if you want to overcome the challenge, the first thing to do is stay by his pet side and do the training together with passion, love and feeling. Something may be become a hassle to both the red trainer and his beloved red jelly fish but as long they stick together everything can be solved.

  • The migration is over and with that the event as well.

    The winners have been chosen by a small jury that were exceptionally inspired by their entries!

    IGN: Lunnie

    Sever: Aesir

    IGN: Merfadu

    Server: Levina

    IGN: Cyning

    Server: Aesir

    IGN: Xiaovin

    Server : Aesir

    Congratulations to your red squishies! C:

    And good luck to the others next time!