What happened to my toons ?

  • I usedd to play this game a few yeaars ago.

    i remember that i got pproblems with the launcher that i wasnt able to solve to i gave up for awhile.

    Now i decided to try again and was able to download the game and pplay but what the hell.

    I had max lv toons at the time, in servers called rerquiem and yggdrasil, i think. but now not only i dont have any toons on the acc, but also it seem to me that those serveers dont exist anymore.

    also, why it ttakes so longg to lv up now ? the game seem to be made harder.

  • Hello sxs,

    The reason you no longer have your max lvl characters is because Echo of Soul Phoenix is a different version of the original Echo of Soul. The original closed down a while ago, there are a few differences between the original and phoenix: Infinite hunting grounds have been removed, There are now sanctums in the world map that give random buffs when you activate them, The jewel lvling system has changed, All stats are now balanced in PvP, There's a new random dungeon matching system where you enter a random dungeon with a buff that changes your stats to match the dungeon's lvl, There are a few new dungeons & more coming in the future, Pet's and cosmetics now have stats, The magic egg shop is gone (They said it would come back but nobody knows when), Instead of progressing through gear score you now progress trough attack power when at max lvl, PvE and PvP equipment are now one and the same.

    I hope my post helped you understand the game a bit more, there are probably more differences I forgot to mention but I can't think of them at the moment.

    Echo of Soul Phoenix

    - Merfadu@Levina


  • ok, it all seem like good news for me.

    But tell me why can`t i enter the battlefield now ? there`s a miinimum lv ?