! New Guild “DarkSouls” recruits on Edun !

  • Hello there !

    On the first of July 2018 a new guild was born on the Edun server.

    We have a bit experience to lead a guild from 2.5, now in 3.0, we wanna get serious and gain more experience with you !

    Everyone is welcome to us !

    We already are higher and will help you to get strong and experienced with all the dungeons, raids and other stuff as well !

    If you are interested to join us, whisper Coldi, CyberZerk or Sunshine in the game. We will welcome you with open hands !

    Of course , we not only communicate per chat, we use voice chat platforms and other features.

    We hope you’ve got curious !

    PS : Don't be shy to write us in the game or just here in the forum!

    We don't bite :)

    Es gibt ältere Versionen dieses Beitrags

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