Darkness Magic Lamp

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    Hello Soulkeepers,

    The dark side is reviving in Echo of Soul. It is hidden in the new Darkness Magic Lamp.

    You want to be part of the dark side? Then grab the lamp and get one of many great Items. With the Succubus Weapon you can hunt all enemies down and you will be even faster with one of many great Mounts like the Black Kitsune, Blue Cogbot and a lot more. You can find also some Dark Outfits to scare your friends and enemies.

    The Darkness Magic Lamp will be available in our Webshop from 27.06.2018 - 04.07.2018.

    You need more AP? Then visit our AP-Shop .

    Additional you can still earn when purchasing cool Gifts in our Tiered Spender .

    Your EOS-Team