Video Contest

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    Hello Soulkeepers,

    Welcome to our Fan Video Contest!
    Are you ready to show your passion, determination and dedication for your guild, teammate or game content?
    Then take part in this event! In that case, your goal is to create a video that shows you and your passion, how much you support your friends, guild, or game content.

    Here are some rules for this event:

    1) Only the person who applies is included in the prices,
    2) Should you use external materials, such as special music, it must be mentioned at the end of the video (source, author and title).
    3) Of course you can also use your own beautiful voice
    4) It is forbidden to use all kinds of violence, racism, etc.
    5) It is forbidden to advertise for other games
    6) The videos can be uploaded on a platform and linked (for example, YouTube platform)
    7) Please respect and follow the rules of Echo Of Soul and Gamigo-Ag

    The event will take place from Sunday 17 June to Sunday, 15 of July 23:59.

    What will be the rewards for the first places?

    1st place: Jack of all Trades /OR/ Skillreset
    2nd place: Zimas Magic Lamp x7
    3rd place: Pink Sea Horse - 30 days


  • Hello Soulkeepers,

    Firstly, are we thanking you greatly for your videos. It took a bit more time for the jury to discuss and determine the outcome of the event, but we have finally settled it down.

    Although, there have been videos shared which were deemed not valid for this specific event. Following this decision have we decided, in our team and jury, to honor the remaining participants, and winners, in a special way:

    1st place Huntress

    1st place Dangerlady

    1st place Sarah Joenna

    The winners may wish to send a PN to Ruroka here in Foum with their server and character name and desire for 1st prize, so we can send the prices.

    We thank you for your participation and are constantly trying to organize and improve events with your feedback!

    Your EOS team