TOP11 Hardest Boss of EOS History !

  • if some people have a Top he can write that here ^^

    i cant imagine a Boss 3.0 in the TOP20... Look the Boss Number #8 on the video, they need 1 min for Dps 1% life of the boss lol, in 3.0 is 1min boss is dead ^^ and i remember u can die with your green soul and potion all time on this boss of 1.5 ... now u dont need a heal in 3.0

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  • 1) dark citadel Boss 5 hc

    2) dark citadel Boss 4 hc

    3) dark citadel Boss 5 nm

    4) dark citadel Boss 4 nm

    5) veres hc

    6) Feuerberg 2 hc

    7) dark citadel Boss 2

    8) Feuerberg endboss hc

    9) krankheim 3 Boss hc

    10) Kranheim 4 hc

    11) krankheim endboss hc

    I would rank it so instantly. I just don´t understand why you are ranking dark citadel boss 3 in the top 11. There are a lot of bosses, which are harder in my opinion.

    In general you can say. Not one Boss of 3.0 till now, so that they should higher the boss hp and so on. If you higher the boss hp of ironfire bosses, the third one probably start so get harder, because fails are more painful :/

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  • yo, thx for your Top

    but that depend much of your gear and when u have try the raid ^^ Lyvir HC with low gear is very hard, u need to do the strat for loose life, care of seed or = stack etcc for my opinion its more hard than boss 4... we dont have wipe much compared to the boss 5.. and in 20 players Lyvir.. all time stacks lol... boss 4 nothing to do... just go out when fire.. its very easy in my opinion... just more hard for tanks

    for other boss we are ok

  • i am speaking of the old kh hc, wich the prisons and the Boss did a Lot of dmg. The point by Lyvre is that the worst Player give the Stacks so that you can have the Best 9 Player with 1 bad and you will have no Chance, but if you have 10 decent Player = 0 Stacks