Firework Package

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    Ceeeeeelebrate good times come on...!

    Oh Soulkeeper, nice to see you! Come and sit with us and celebrate a bit. Come on, don't be so shy, why don't you take a look at the stuff we're partying with?

    The following, just available in the webshop:

    Firework Package 1

    Firework x10

    Gold Blessing (Party) x2

    Rotisserie Chicken x1

    Firework Package 2

    Firework x50

    Gold Blessing (Party) x10

    Rotisserie Chicken x5

    Firework Package 3

    Firework x100

    Gold Blessing (Party) x20

    Rotisserie Chicken x10

    What's the gold blessing you ask? The gold blessing increases the gold received by all party members by 5% for 30 minutes!

    What's the barbecue chicken doing? After summoning the chicken it can be eaten 5 times and disappears after 2 minutes. There is also 155696 Energy and 200 Saturation with every bite! That's a lot more energy per regular energy!

    Starting on June 15th 10:00 CEST, until June 17th 23:59 will the packages be available!
    You would not be such a lousy pecker and not want to attend our party, would you?
    Not enough AP for your own celebration meal? Follow us here friend, there's more!