Poricup Tiered Spender

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    Olé olé Soulkeepers,

    he dribbles, he runs, the Poridinio shoots and... hellyea, a new tiered spender fitting to the Poricup comes to our webshop!

    A new season has started and what would this time be without celebration, collecting and just cheering at the glorious SIX Tiers that we have in our Tiered Spender!!

    Several exciting extras can be included, such as: Hourglass - (7 Days), Brown Baby Llama - (30 Days), Jack of all Trades and Amnesia, the Spotted Seal, as well as the good looking School Uniforms!

    The streets of Ignea are plastered with gold and coins soulkeeper, what are you waiting for?

    The Tiered Spender starts June 13th and ends on July 17th 23:59 CEST.

    It is still possible to claim your rewards 24 hours after the Tiered Spender ends.

    Do not miss your chance to get one of the good looking uniforms before it ends!
    Need more AP? Here can you recharge yourself!