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Hey everyone! We're currently restructuring the forum. Do not panic, do not be confused.

    Hello Soulkeepers,

    We're still working on the issues at hand and try to make sure you can log into the game, as well as the website, as soon as possible. We apologize once again for the issues and inconveniences at hand and hope to fix the issues to our best abilities.

    Your EOS Team


    A Magical Tiered Spender awaits that will enchant and entice you~

    The following highlights await:

    • Baby Pig Pet Box [Good]
    • Genie's Magic Carpet
    • Royal Guard's Costume Set (Red)

    But don't get too wrapped around the finger of the charmingly magical guardian, Soulkeeper~

    !!These rewards can be claimed indefinitely!!

    The Tiered Spender ends September 23rd at 11:59 pm CEST!

    It is still possible to claim your rewards 24 hours after the Tiered Spender ends.

    Don't miss out on the Battle Support Box in the webshop as well!

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    Get some divine support from by the Gods themselves with this battle born offer!

    The Box contains the following items:

    • 10x EOS Pastries
    • 10x Herzpraline
    • 10x Friggs Revival Stone
    • 1x (Premium) Healing Potion Box

    This offer ends September 23rd at 11:59 pm CEST !

    On top of that will these items be permanently added to the webshop!

    • Remote Merchant
    • Friggard's Blessing (2 hours)

    Onward to a successful weekend!

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    A well known item returns to the webshop, the Royalty Magic Lamp!

    Which highlights are in this lamp you wonder?

    • Soul Expert Proficiency Certificate [1000]
    • Chef Proficiency Certificate [1000]
    • Critter Costume Box
    • Lilin Costume Box

    ...and many more!

    Don't miss out this special opportunity to get one of these well known Magic Lamps of the Genie you love so much! You wouldn't want to miss out on these well known items and outfits!

    The Royalty Magic Lamp will be available during this time period:

    Start: 19.09.2018 10:00 CEST

    End: 26.09.2018 23:59 CEST


    Hey hey, Soulkeeper!

    This September is going to be special, because we're going to open up a second Tiered Spender, bound to this month!

    Following highlights await you:

    • Full Energy - 2 Hours
    • Hourglass (7 Days)
    • 2x Lucky Pet Coin Box

    A Tiered Spender with big rewards for small amounts of AP! Take a look!

    !!These rewards can only be claimed once!!

    The Tiered Spender ends September 30th 11:59 pm CEST.

    It is still possible to claim your rewards 24 hours after the Tiered Spender ends.

    Don't miss out on the Tiered Spender in our Webshop!

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    What could Zima and Levina have said to the Soulkeeper? Oh, perhaps it's about the offer that is going to hit the shop! Want to take a look what the offer is about?

    The Enhancement Booster Box contains one of the following items:

    • Gold Dubloons
    • Enhancement Stone
    • Enhancement Booster
    • Premium Enhancement Booster

    This offer ends September 19. at 10:00 am CEST!

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    The weekend is upon us and what could herald it better than a mighty fine Premium Plus offer with its extraordinary bonuses?

    Premium Plus will grant you the following effects:

    1. Experience and gold lost in the dimension field is reduced by 50%.
    2. Maximum amount of purified souls increased by 2000.
    3. Chance to enhance gems increased by 5%..
    4. Chaos Souls obtained when defeating monsters increased by 1 ~ 3.
    5. Daily login gives additional items.
    6. Depending on the amount of players using Premium Plus in a guild will it increase the overall experience and gold drop of the character, as well as the guild members.

    May the accelerating boost catapult you through the Vortex!

    This offer ends September 17th 11:59 pm CEST!

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    Ahoy, Soulkeeper!

    Missed out on the Porisummer? Not enough space in the bags? In desperate need of a legendary Safeguard, or perhaps the shining Blue Seahorse?

    No panic because your beloved Tiered Spender just came back, fitting to the end of the Summer and filled with a ton of special items for you to choose!

    The following highlights wait for you:

    • Coconut Crab - 30 Days
    • Blue Sea Horse
    • Premium Safeguard
    • Deluxe Bag
    • Porisummer Festival Set Abstract

    We invite you to the Summer's End Tiered Spender! Come and snatch yourself some of these amazing rewards!

    The Tiered Spender ends on September 20th 11:59 pm CEST.

    It is still possible to claim your rewards 24 hours after the Tiered Spender ends.

    Don't miss out on this very last chance of the Summer goodies and visit the Tiered Spender in our Webshop!

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    Hello dear Soulkeepers,

    the special package of Zima is back in our webshop in three different stages!

    What's inside those packages you wonder? Check it out!

    Express-Enhancement Package I for 4299 AP:

    • Enhancement Stone x 100
    • Lottery Ticket x 100
    • Enhancement Booster x 18
    • Safeguard x 6

    Express-Enhancement Package II for 5999 AP:

    • Enhancement Stone x 150
    • Lottery Ticket x 150
    • Enhancement Booster x 27
    • Safeguard x 9

    Express-Enhancement Package III for 2299 AP:

    • Enhancement Stone x 50
    • Lottery Ticket x 50
    • Enhancement Booster x 9
    • Safeguard x 3

    This offer starts today and ends September 19th 10:00 am CEST!

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    Hey Soulkeeper,

    the update for today will include a lot of client optimization, as well as an update to the client overall.

    This will make it so that future updates to the client may change with already planned improvements on the line, coupled with an overall a preparation for a bigger update in the next months.

    There will be no immediate change for anything in-game, yet would we like to hint at the calendar and what fun things are coming up soon! :P

    Take your time and enjoy, dear Soulkeeper!


    Hello Soulkeepers,

    Starting from the 7th September, 2018 4:00 pm until the 10th September, 2018 11:59 pm CEST will you have a chance to receive the well known blue enhancement baubles by spinning our FORTUNE OF STONE lootwheel!

    The reworked and refined lootwheel is offering new rewards and one hell of a jackpot for you to aim for!

    What that new jackpot is you wonder?

    -- 160x Enhancement Stone --

    -- 1x Limited Stabilization Catalyst --

    -- 1x Advanced Stabilization Catalyst --

    -- 1x Premium Safeguard --

    -- 1x Superb Stabilization Catalyst --

    Want to get spinning? Click HERE!

    Need more AP? Click HERE!

    We wish you best of luck!