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Hey everyone! We're currently restructuring the forum. Do not panic, do not be confused.

    In the mood of summer-island music, Soulkeeper?

    (Here available as a .mp3 as well!)

    Summer, sun, melons, a giant manta, summer pori, waterbaloons and sand! The summer has arrived in Phoenix and the probably hottest time of of the year is upon us! Be it having fun in the water, dancing with the Pori, looking at those hot Soulkeepers in their beach wear, or just slowly cooking in the summer sun, make this summer event with the giant Sea Flap Flap above your heads to a special one!


    • Hastened Pets - We noticed that the pets in the attack Speed category were missing a little of their oompf and it had been adjusted it upwards! That means that you should now feel more powerful with your pet at your side, Soulkeeper!

    Server Events:

    • Manta Reef - The Manta Reef awaits you! The Manta Reef Guide Dig Duv invites you in the various cities to the bright island of the Pori! All you need to get there is a fitting outfit. You don't have one? Her quests should reward you with the fitting pieces! (Ends on August 15th)
    • Resting-Experience Event - Get twice as much resting exp for each point of resting exp, perfect for that sun tan you always wanted! But don't forget to put on some lotion!! (Ends on August 15th)
    • Summerly Ignea - The Manta Reef has transformed the center of Ignea into a beach! Splash on!

    New Webshop Offers:

    • New! - Flying Stingray Magic Lamp! The splashy and fun-loaded contents of this summerly Magic Lamp will surely enhance your summer experience to the max! And who knows, maybe you'll have a chance to get a rare predator of the ocean as well~
    • Last chance to get the Magic Lamp of the Ghost Tiger! In a week from now on will it retire. But do not be too afraid... the stars are looking good for the future.


    • The Pollworms of the Hidden Cove-Region have been replaced with the correct monster model.
    • The Royal Guards-Costume of the Paladin is now visible.
    • A few errors with the dungeontickets and Kranheim have been fixed.


    • The localization has received an update!

    Team EOSP looks forward with you for a successful week and a fun time filled with the hot summer sun in the manta reef!


    It flap-flaps through the sun, over the Poris and rides the refreshing wind of the beloved summer island.

    This is the super popular giant manta ray, and has it not only been given the joy of Poris this time around, but also a new lamp dedicated to it!

    The Flying Manta Magic Lamp, newly appeared with the opening of the Manta Reef!

    Be it the summer outfit, summer weapon skin, or maybe even the Armored Shark, this super hot Magic Lamp has only the most wanted content of this summer!

    Is that all? Of course not! Look in our Webshop and get yourself some of those lamps,

    with luck may you even get the proud owner of a predator of the seas yourself!

    Available in the Web Mall now!

    This offer starts Juli 18th 10:00 CEST and ends Juli 25th 10:0 CEST

    The migration is over and with that the event as well.

    The winners have been chosen by a small jury that were exceptionally inspired by their entries!

    IGN: Lunnie

    Sever: Aesir

    IGN: Merfadu

    Server: Levina

    IGN: Cyning

    Server: Aesir

    IGN: Xiaovin

    Server : Aesir

    Congratulations to your red squishies! C:

    And good luck to the others next time!


    Jump up, get up, come on and start to dance!

    A new and with cool riches loaded cache of a Mysterybox is for insane 79 AP available and has the chance to contain one of the following items:

    • Red Dragon (With different run times, as well as a permanent Version)
    • 6x EXP Blessing - Party
    • 6x Gold Blessing - Party
    • 6x Lucky Potion*
    • 1x Hourglass (3 Days)
    • 1x Enhancement Booster
    • 1x Rotisserie Chicken

    *Newly added to the mix of potions is the Lucky Potion, which grants the Soulkeeper a random buff for the next 15 minutes, after having been used.

    These are some of the possible buffs:

    ATK + 2% / DEF + 2% / PEN + 2% / Move SPD + 15% / Enhancement Chance + 3% / Gold + 15% / EXP + 15%

    With lots of luck can also be one of three special buffs be granted to you, which is a stronger combination of the effects as seen above.

    This amazing offer starts on July 11th on 10:00 CEST and goes until July 18th 10:00 CEST!

    Let lady luck take your hand on this amazing offer!

    Need more AP? Here can you get more!



    our nameless Red Trainer has taken his beloved firered jellyfish to the beach and has found quite the squishy and wobbly challenge on his task to look for a fit training.

    So, what can you do you wonder? It's easy:

    How would you encourage the trainer?

    How would you assist the trainer, or the pet, in gaining the strength to face their upcoming fight?

    Or how would you help this adorable wibbly pet to be the best pet ever?

    Be it a nifty text, an encouraging picture, a cool video or just own creativity, anything is allowed!

    Post your suggestions on how to encourage the trainer in this thread and receive, if deemed worthy and good enough,

    a chance to receive a red jellyfish (30 Days) yourself!

    This event runs until the servers of Phoenix are back up and running from the announced migration!

    The rules as known from other events still apply as usual.

    1. You must include your character name and server in your post.

    2. You are only allowed to submit one entry. Submitting more than once may disqualify you from the event.

    3. To prevent the thread being flooded, please do not comment on other people's work, only submit your entry.

    4. Your post must follow all of the forum rules as well as the terms of service or you will be disqualified and the sanctions required will be taken

    5. Submit your attempt to encourage the trainer HERE!

    6. Have fun!


    Good day Soulkeeper,

    this Wednesday, the 11th of July 08:00 AM CEST will Phoenix be put into an extraordinary maintenance. This maintenance will include the migration of Phoenix into a new data center. This may take about 6 hours, at least. While we have this number is the actual time it takes still up to processes we have little control over so do not. So it may take a little longer, if we're facing troubles on the way.

    We apologize for possible inconveniences.

    During this time will Discord of course be open to you for chatting and discussions.

    **During the maintenance is it not possible to log in and play Echo of Soul Phoenix.**

    Thank you for your patience,

    your Echo of Soul Phoenix Team.


    Hello Soulkeepers,

    Starting from the 6th June, 2018 until the 9th June, 2018 10:00 CEST you will have a chance to receive the well known blue enhancement baubles by spinning our FORTUNE OF STONE lootwheel!

    You will be able to win quite the amount of enhancement stones, as well as the Brown Baby Llama, by spinning our wheel.

    Want to get spinning? Click HERE!

    Need more AP? Click HERE!

    We wish you best of luck!


    Your EOSP Team


    Sporty shades on and out into the sun, Soulkeeper.

    Ever had the urge to pose with style and that just with a single accessory? Easily fitting and rounding up to so many legendary outfits?

    The stylish shades, for every Soulkeeper, are available this weekend in the web mall with a sick discount!

    This offer, to which any classy Soulkeeper would die for, starts June 8th 10:00 CEST and ends June 10th 23:59 CEST!
    Need something fitting to the shades? How 'bout this: "My shades are Luxor, your skills can't hurt me."
    Need more AP for your own set of awesome shades? Here my friend, look no further.


    Hello there, Soulkeeper!

    Short and on point, here is the update to Live.22.


    • The replay function has been taken out of the game.

    We hope that, with this removal out of the game, will the freezes and lags after completion of a dungeon stop and no longer cause a bad influence on your gaming experience!

    Good luck and energized days,

    Your Echo of Soul Phoenix Team


    Snip, snap, crabsnap! Oh, what's that that has come to us from the crystal clear waters of the ocean, Soulkeeper?

    This snipping Mysterybox is available for 199 AP and has the chance to contain one of the following items:

    • Crab Pet Box (Receive a Coconut Crab or Hermit Crab; stats may be included if you are lucky!)
    • Hourglass - 7 Days
    • Lucky Pet Coin Box
    • Legendary Pet Coin
    • Epic Pet Coin
    • Rare Pet Coin
    • Good Pet Coin

    This summer-packed offer starts on June 6th on 10:00 CEST and is available until to the 13th of June 10:00 CEST!

    Come and grab your fishing utensils and get a chance to get your own crabby companion on the hook!

    Need more AP? Here can you get more!

    Hello Soulkeeper,

    the maintenance of Wednesday, the 6th of June, will be moved to Thursday, the 7th od June, 10am CEST.

    One of the reasons being extra work on the replay-function.

    **During the maintenance is it not possible to play Echo of Soul Phoenix.**

    We apologize for possible inconveniences and still wish you to have a pleasant week.

    Kind regards,

    Your Echo of Soul Team

    Hello Soulkeepers

    Following here will be an explanation how to deal with the StatusCode: 5 and StatusCode: 8


    This issue is best worked with in the Internet Explorer, as the Login to Phoenix is based on it. The following description how to work with it, tailored towards the newest version of the Internet Explorer.

    StatusCode: 5

    1. Open up Internet Explorer.
    2. Clear your Browser Cache.
    3. Log in on Phoenix Website.
    4. Check if you have filled out age field in account section of your profile.
    5. Fill out, if age field is missing an entry.
    6. Open up the game again.
    7. Do a file check.

    StatusCode: 8

    1. Go to your computer search.
    2. Type in "internet settings" or just "internet" and look for the menu for the settings.
    3. Go to "advanced" and scroll to the section about security.
    4. Enable the boxes as seen in the screenshot below.
    5. If in doubt, is a press of 'reset advanced settings' also doing the trick.


    May Levina be with you, Soulkeeper.

    Hello there,

    as mentioned in the other Thread is the solution for this issue the same:

    Delete your Browser Cache and check if you have filled out the age field in the account section of the website. Please do so, if this is not the case.

    Afterwards should you do a file check and the game should run again!



    Hey there everyone,

    a way to get a solution is to delete your Browser Cache and check if you have filled out the age field in the account section of the website. Please do so, if this is not the case.

    Afterwards should you do a file check and the game should run again!




    Get ready for this majestic creature of the seas, Soulkeepers!

    Buying the mystery box for just 199 AP will give you the chance to obtain one of the following objects:

    • Pink Seahorse
    • Pink Seahorse (30 Days)
    • Superior Key
    • Chocolate Heart/EOS Energy Bar
    • Beauty Shop Ticket
    • Nutritional Supplement (3 Days)

    This offer will begin on May 30th, 2018 10:00 CEST and ends on June 6th, 2018 10:00 CEST!

    Get your very own majestic mount, do not miss this chance for Summer!
    Need more AP? Get some right here!


    Hello Soulkeepers!

    Sunny greetings coming from Bernica! Why Bernica? Well, good question! The very best spiritists and cooks have come together and found something out. You want to know what? Look down below to see!


    The achievements for the jobs have been added and adjusted to the current level!

    Server Events:
    Doubletime - Experience of the daily quest in the regions of the vortex has been doubled! (Ends on 13.06)

    Holy Echo - The duration of the Sanctuary buffs has been doubled! (Ends on 13.06)


    The servers have received a yum treat for their hard work and also gotten a few little plasters for their boo boo's from last week. The crashes some players experienced should now not appear ever again! Hooray!


    The replay feature servers have been disabled. Shoo, shoo freezes, shoo!

    A beautiful and sunny Wednesday to everysoul and make sure to not get sunburns in Ignea!


    Greetings to you Soulkeeper,

    we have a new magic lamp for you offered from today on! The contents are some exotic ones like the Golden Powerbot 01, the White Griffon, or even the white Motorcycle!

    That's all? Not at all! The new Angel-Set is also part of the magic lamp which can give you one of three different colored angel set outfits, fitting to your class!!

    The Mechanic's-Magic Lamp is available for 299 AP, or in a package of 10 + 1 for 2990 AP!

    This offer starts from 23.05.2018 10:00 CEST, 'til the 30.05.2018 10:00 CEST!

    Do not let this holy outfit slip through your fingers, Soulkeeper!