is this server/game still good to start now?

  • hi i want to ask about this game and the population? it is good to start now? i want to play but not sure if its still good? i searched the sea server is closed in 2017 i want to know if this game is dying also? on steam chart 16 players playing eos there lol. thanks!

  • steam is old eos i think. phoenix has a few hundreds active players on all 2 servers. by active i mean not those who take a month to reach 70. but it will die soonish because you know aeria. if you want you can try to play, its still possible to have some kind of fun atm. if they make a decent watermelon event this summer, the game wont die until september at least

  • I am thinking about join EOS. What is the fastest way to get high lvl and good gear? Where are the best places to farm? It is fun for playing solo?