Guide to Chat Settings and Commands

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  • Hello Soulkeepers,

    The Chat is a very important tool in MMORPGs such as Echo of Soul. You use it to communicate with other players and also keep updated on what's happening around you! There are a few settings that may help you organize and chat commands to make things easier for you when navigating Echo of Soul Phoenix!

    First thing is to get familiar with a chat box, there's a lot to learn but it'll be easy to grasp! Let's take a look:


    1. Lock: This allows you to lock/unlock your chat box. This only locks it from moving around and expanding, you will still be able to chat!

    2. Add Tab: This allows you to add more tabs to your chat box, this is especially good for making tabs to sort your chats.

    3. Tabs: This is where all your tabs are located! In the case you have too many to display with your chat window size, you will have an arrow to let you cycle through.

    4. Font Size: This allows you to change the size of the font for easier reading!

    5. Filters: This changes what is shown in the tab you have selected. Those that are checked will show up in the tab!

    6. Change Tab Name: This allows you to change the name of any new tabs that you make!

    7. Chat Expander: This allows you to change the length and width of your chat box when unlocked.

    8. Chat: This is where all text that is filtered for your tab will be located.

    9. Chat Bar: This is where you can type your commands and messages!

    After understanding the chat window and what it has to offer, you can further change how your chat works through the settings. To access these settings press ESC and go to settings. Chat settings will be available under "Game" then "UI Settings" and will look like the following after scrolling down:


    In the settings, you can view a myriad of options. "Use Messenger Style" means that when someone Privately Messages you, it will come out in it's own pop-out window. You will be able to put that pop-out window in the chat box but it will interrupt any actions you are doing when it does pop up! Another option in the settings is to "Hide Prohibited Words" which means it will block any words our filter finds as offensive. This setting is automatically turned on, to keep it family friendly but can be turned off at any time. You may also change the transparency settings for your Chat and Messenger.

  • There are commands that you can use in Chat to change your chat mode or to perform certain actions quickly. Here is a list of some of the command shortcuts and what they do:

    /s - Local/Conversation Chat

    /p - Party Chat

    /ra - Raid Party chat

    /rw - Send a raid warning to your fellow party members

    /g - Guild Chat

    /f - Ally Chat

    /w - Whisper another user

    /r - Reply to a users whisper

    /gr - Reply to a group

    /z - Map/Region Chat

    /invite - Invite user to party

    /pw - Quit Party

    /kick - Kick user out of party

    /pm - Assign user to Party Lead

    /friend - Add user to your friend list

    /unfriend - Remove user from your friend list

    /block - Block a user

    /unblock - Unblock User

    /ginvite - Invite user to guild

    /gw - Quit guild

    /stuck - Removed a character from area when stuck

    /info - View other character's info

    /duel - Request Duel

    /dreset - Reset Dungeon

    /t - Set target on user

    /areset - Reset Arena

    /reset - Reset your UI

    /dice - Roll dice for items, or fun.